Badass Beard

5 Ways to Master the Art of Luxurious Living with a Badass Beard

You have a badass beard that makes you stand out in a crowd. But do you have the lifestyle to match? If you’re someone with top-shelf taste, these sophisticated diversions, from whiskey to wet shaving to waves, can offer up an elevated experience of living. So pull up a stool, grab a drink and your beard oil, and let’s get started.


Vinyl Aficionado

From placing the needle on the record to pouring over the artwork and liner notes, the vinyl experience is a tangible connection to the musicians that inspire you. Your passion for the richness and authentic sound of LPs sets you on a level apart from listeners who settle for digital only. You relish the record shop hunt: tracking down classic albums, uncovering rare gems, and discovering new artists. 

Here, in Southern New Hampshire, where Rogue Raven’s micro-batch, skincare goods are crafted, the art of slow living is one we take seriously. Living in luxury starts with taking back your time and investing it in things you enjoy. Like spending an hour or two flipping through crates of albums at Keene On Vinyl. This shop is particularly cool because it’s situated inside one of Keene, New Hampshire’s best coffee roasteries, cafes, and venues, Brewbakers. Catch a live show and pick up a new album while you’re at it.

Across the impressive Connecticut River is Turn It Up on Main Street in eclectic Brattleboro, Vermont. Well worth a weekend away, this town has antique, music, and foodie destinations to pair with your unique style.

Connoisseur of Fine Tastes

A refined palate gives you the upper hand when it comes to appreciating distinguished and distinctive whiskeys. You savor the subtle differences between Scotch, Irish, bourbon and rye, noting the flavors and colors each distillery produces. 


Tasting rooms are a favorite haunt, where you learn the stories behind the spirits and strike up warm conversations with other whiskey enthusiasts. Neat or on the rocks, you sip your whiskey slowly, how it’s meant to be sampled. 

Surrounding Rogue Raven’s homebase in Walpole, NH, there are a surprising number of craft distilleries producing award-winning whiskey with both traditional and innovative techniques from local ingredients. 

Copper Cannon Distillery’s Fort No. 1 Straight Bourbon is only released four times a year, so it has a bit of a cult-like following. A high rye bourbon, it’s aged for a minimum of two years in a #3 charred white oak barrel and bottled at 101 proof.

Across the region, New England Sweetwater Farm & Distillery is known for full-flavored artisan liquors, including Clark & Chesterfield™ American Single Malt, Bourbon, Maple, Honey, and Chocolate Whiskeys. Great vibes and a tasting room you shouldn’t miss. 

You can also pick up a whiskey passport at the classic Irish Cooper’s Hill Public House in downtown Peterborough, NH, where the best way to follow up some live music or outdoor adventure is with an afternoon of tasting. (Save the Date: Hit ‘em up on St. Patty’s Day, when you’ll find a full Irish breakfast on the griddle and whiskey pouring first thing in the morning.) 

Smoking cigar

Of course, a nice glass of whiskey goes hand in hand with a fine cigar, historically tied to both luxury and masculinity. It requires skill and expertise to craft a cigar that is truly well-made. And the complex flavors and aromas of different tobacco blends and aging methods add to the enjoyment. 

If want to relax, indulge, and socialize, try a visit to The Diplomat Cigar Lounge in Keene, NH. Known for its great atmosphere, staff, and selection of cigars and spirits, it's the perfect place to unwind after a long week. 

Wet Shaving Devotee

Wet shaving is the satisfying ritual that leaves you feeling impeccably healthy, handsome, and confident. You appreciate the control and precision it affords you, and your shaving skills keep your badass beard defined and well-shaped. No messy stubble or stray hairs here. 

You know the importance of using a sharp, smooth blade and high quality bristles to get that perfect closeness. And that can only be achieved with a superb shave soap that ends with zero irritation and skin that says, “Hey, thanks man!”

Rogue Raven’s handcrafted Shave Soap is rich with hemp seed oil, shea butter, and bentonite clay for a natural lather that gives you smooth results. Soft, all-natural oils create a subtle, yet sultry scent that will keep the compliments coming. 

Top it off with an Herbal Aftershave Balm free of any harsh ingredients. This will help to retain the skin’s natural oils while keeping things cool, refreshed, and hydrated. 

Craftsmanship Collector

Maybe craftsmanship is your passion, whether it’s creating or collecting. You appreciate the workmanship and quality of a fine piece of leather or wood because there’s something timeless about it. A vintage straight-edge razor, pocketknife, or guitar—you know the story of each one you display.

Part of it is the hunt, right? Finding that perfectly striking piece. Craftsmanship is a quality New Hampshire is known for, with artisan cuts, carves, and stitches defining countless local products made here. It’s something we’re proud of and you can find work from a remarkable number of makers at the Hannah Grimes Marketplace in Keene or one of the League of NH Craftsmen galleries found throughout the state.

Endurance Athlete

There’s a certain psychological draw that comes with endurance sports. You set a goal and pursue it, pushing your mind and body to new heights. It’s a way of testing your limits and experiencing the awesomeness of nature on unforgiving terrain. 

Whether you’re into sailing, trail running, biking, or climbing, endurance athletics dish up an experience simultaneously demanding and rewarding. New Hampshire’s White Mountains have been the training and performance grounds for many an athlete immersed in the pain and pleasure of steep inclines, rocky trails, and unpredictable weather. 

Whatever the backdrop for your personal best, the main person you’re competing against is yourself. But when you’re lined up against the competition, you tend to stand out with your badass beard and unparalleled sense of adventure.


You’ve worked hard to cultivate a look that sets you apart from the rest. But don’t let your facial hair be the only thing that defines you. You deserve to enjoy the finer things that fit your taste—you owe it to yourself and to your stellar beard.

With a badass beard comes great responsibility. Ready to go forth and be insanely handsome?    

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