People Often Ask Us

How much do you charge for shipping?

We do our best to keep our shipping prices low. We offer you FREE shipping on purchases of $50 and over and all orders $50 and under ship at a flat rate of only $6.

What amount of time is needed before the order is sent out?

We are a small team, crafting products by hand in micro-batches, so shipping times may vary, but we strive to ship within 2-4 business days of placing your order. Please be understanding, because we are sure you're going to love your products when they arrive!

What is my order packaged in?

We are mindful of the impact we have on the environment and strive to avoid unnecessary packaging. We use glass jars and bottles and paper packaging which can live beyond their initial use.

What if my order goes missing?

If your order is missing items or contains damaged goods, please email us as soon as possible at HELLO@ROGUERAVENGROOMING.COM and we will look into it for you!

How do I know if my order was correctly placed?

If the order is correctly placed, a confirmation will be sent to the email you entered at checkout. We suggest checking spam/ junk folders if you are not seeing it in your main inbox. Feel free to reach out to us and we can manually check to see if it was properly processed.

Are there any considerations for using your product?

The following safety guidelines should be observed before using Rogue Raven Grooming Company® products:

Our products are made with natural ingredients, including botanicals, essential oils, and natural butters and oils derived from nuts and seeds. If you have any allergies, please read the ingredient list carefully. If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity do not use ingredients that may trigger a negative reaction. It is highly recommended if there is any doubt of a skin reaction that you first perform an allergy patch test.

Discontinue use if irritation, sensitivity, or any negative reaction occurs.

If you are uncertain about possible negative reactions or sensitivities, please consult a healthcare professional. 

Please be advised that products from Rogue Raven Grooming Company® are not intended to cure, prevent, or treat any disease or health condition and are not intended to substitute medical advice.

All products are for external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

What ingredients are used to make this product?

All Rogue Raven Grooming Company® products are crafted with only the finest ingredients, which are always sulfate-free and paraben-free, contain no artificial colors or fragrances, and are never tested on animals.

Is the information on your site copyrighted?

All trademarks and names are owned by Rogue Raven Grooming Company, LLC, a Registered Trademark company. Please be courteous when it comes to our intellectual property.

The names, logos, trademarks, and service marks of Rogue Raven Grooming Company® that appear on this site may not be used in any advertising, publicity, promotion, or in any other manner without prior expressed written consent of Rogue Raven Grooming Company®.

Where can I ask more questions?

If you have more questions for us, we would love to answer them! Please send them through our Contact Us Form